Geometry.keypoint_select(items, sel_type='S', return_selected=False)

Select keypoints using a sequence of items.

  • items (sequence or None) – List, range, or sequence of integers of the keypoints you want to select. If None or 'NONE', no keypoints will be selected. If ‘ALL’, selects all keypoints.

  • sel_type (str, optional) –

    Selection type. May be one of the following:

    • 'S': Select a new set (default)

    • 'R': Reselect a set from the current set.

    • 'A': Additionally select a set and extend the current set.

    • 'U': Unselect a set from the current set.

  • return_selected (bool, optional) – Return the keypoint numbers selected. Optional, and can be disabled for performance. Default False.


list – List of keypoint numbers if return_selected=True.


Create a new selection of keypoints [1, 5, 10]

>>> mapdl.geometry.keypoint_select([1, 5, 10])

Create a new selection of keypoints from 1 through 20

>>> mapdl.geometry.keypoint_select(range(1, 21))

Unselect keypoints 1 through 20

>>> mapdl.geometry.keypoint_select(range(1, 21), sel_type='U')

Append to an existing selection of keypoints

>>> mapdl.geometry.keypoint_select([1, 2, 3], sel_type='A')

Reselect from the existing selection of keypoints

>>> mapdl.geometry.keypoint_select([3, 4, 5], sel_type='R')

Select no keypoints

>>> mapdl.geometry.keypoint_select(None)

Select all keypoints

>>> mapdl.geometry.keypoint_select('ALL')