Mapdl.vplot(nv1='', nv2='', ninc='', degen='', scale='', vtk=None, quality=4, show_area_numbering=False, show_line_numbering=False, color_areas=False, show_lines=True, **kwargs)#

Plot the selected volumes.



PyMAPDL plotting commands with vtk=True ignore any values set with the PNUM command.

nv1, nv2, ninc

Display volumes from NV1 to NV2 (defaults to NV1) in steps of NINC (defaults to 1). If NV1 = ALL (default), NV2 and NINC are ignored and all selected volumes [VSEL] are displayed. Ignored when vtk=True.


Degeneracy marker. "blank" No degeneracy marker is used (default), or "DEGE". A red star is placed on keypoints at degeneracies (see the Modeling and Meshing Guide). Not available if /FACET,WIRE is set. Ignored when vtk=True.


Scale factor for the size of the degeneracy-marker star. The scale is the size in window space (-1 to 1 in both directions) (defaults to .075). Ignored when vtk=True.

vtkbool, optional

Plot the currently selected volumes using pyvista. As this creates a temporary surface mesh, this may have a long execution time for large meshes.

qualityint, optional

quality of the mesh to display. Varies between 1 (worst) to 10 (best). Applicable when vtk=True.

show_numberingbool, optional

Display line and keypoint numbers when vtk=True.


Plot while displaying area numbers.

>>> mapdl.vplot(show_area_numbering=True)