MapdlMath.stiff(dtype=<class 'numpy.float64'>, fname='file.full', asarray=False)

Load the stiffness matrix from a full file.

dtypenumpy.dtype, optional

Numpy data type to store the vector as. Defaults to np.double

fnamestr, optional

Filename to read the matrix from.

asarraybool, optional

Return a scipy array rather than an APDLMath matrix.

scipy.sparse.csr.csr_matrix or AnsMat

Scipy sparse matrix or APDLMath matrix depending on asarray.


>>> k = mapdl.math.stiff()
APDLMATH Matrix 60 x 60

Convert to a scipy array

>>> mat = k.asarray()
>>> mat
<60x60 sparse matrix of type '<class 'numpy.float64'>'
    with 1734 stored elements in Compressed Sparse Row format>