property PostProcessing.nodal_stress_intensity: numpy.ndarray

The nodal stress intensity of the current result.

Equilvanent MAPDL command: PRNSOL, S, PRIN


The nodal results are averaged across all selected elements. Not all nodes will contain valid results (e.g. midside nodes), and those nodes will report a zero stress.

Elements that are not selected will not contribute to the averaged nodal values, and if a node’s attached elements are all unselected, the element will report a zero stress value.


Stress intensity for result 2

>>> mapdl.post1()
>>> mapdl.set(1, 2)
>>> mapdl.post_processing.nodal_stress_intensity
array([15488.84357602, 16434.95432337, 15683.2334295 , ...,
           0.        ,     0.        ,     0.        ])
Return type