PostProcessing.plot_nodal_total_strain_intensity(show_node_numbering=False, **kwargs)

Plot the total nodal strain intensity of the current result.


Camera position from plotter. Can be reused as an input parameter to use the same camera position for future plots.

show_node_numberingbool, optional

Plot the node numbers of surface nodes.

**kwargsdict, optional

Keyword arguments passed to general_plotter.


Plot the total strain intensity for the second result

>>> mapdl.post1()
>>> mapdl.set(1, 2)
>>> mapdl.post_processing.plot_nodal_total_strain_intensity()

Plot off_screen and save a screenshot

>>> mapdl.post_processing.plot_nodal_total_strain_intensity(
...     off_screen=True,
...     savefig='seqv_00.png'
...     )

Subselect a single result type and plot those strain results.

>>> mapdl.esel('S', 'TYPE', vmin=1)
>>> mapdl.post_processing.plot_nodal_total_strain_intensity()