Versioning and Interfaces#

The PyMAPDL project attempts to maintain compatibility with legacy versions of MAPDL while allowing for support of faster and better interfaces with the latest versions of MAPDL.

ANSYS 2021R1 and Newer#

ANSYS v2020R1 and newer support the latest gRPC interface, allowing for remote management of MAPDL with rapid streaming of mesh, results, and files from the MAPDL service. Should you have the applicable license, you can even install and use MAPDL with docker, enabling you to run and solve even on officially unsupported platforms like Mac OS.

ANSYS 17.0 to 2020R1 - CORBA#

ANSYS 17.0 supports the legacy CORBA interface, enabled with the ansys.mapdl.corba module. This interface allows you to send only text to and from the MAPDL service, relying on file IO for all other operations. While not as performant as gRPC, this interface still allows you to control a local instance of MAPDL. These versions of MAPDL support specific versions of Windows and Linux. See Ansys Platform Support for more details on the supported platforms.


The CORBA interface will likely be phased out from MAPDL at some point. The gRPC interface is faster, more stable, and can run in both local and remote connection configurations.

Earlier than ANSYS 17.0#

The PyMAPDL project supports up to ANSYS v13.0 on Linux using a console interface. Like CORBA, it allows for the exchange of text to and from the ANSYS instance, but unlike the CORBA


Console specific support will be depreciated at some point and it is recommended to shift to a modern version of Ansys to continue to use PyMAPDL.