Mapdl.mpinqr(mat, iprop, key, pname='__tmpvar__', **kwargs)

Get information about a material property.


DISCLAIMER: This function is un-documented in the official ANSYS Command Reference Guide. Hence its support is limited and it use is not encouraged. Please use it with caution.


Material number should be 0 for key=11, DB_NUMDEFINED(12), DB_MAXDEFINED(14), and DB_MAXRECLENG(15).


Property reference number (See notes).

If iprop = 0, test for existence of any material property with this material number (with key = DB_SELECTED(1)).

See also

MP command labels

EX = 1, EY = 2, EZ = 3, NUXY= 4, NUYZ= 5, NUXZ= 6, GXY = 7, GYZ = 8

GXZ = 9, ALPX=10, ALPY=11, ALPZ=12, DENS=13, MU =14, DAMP=15, KXX =16

KYY =17, KZZ =18, RSVX=19, RSVY=20, RSVZ=21, =22, HF =23, VISC=24

EMIS=25, ENTH=26, LSST=27, PRXY=28, PRYZ=29, PRXZ=30, MURX=31, MURY=32

MURZ=33, PERX=34, PERY=35, PERZ=36, MGXX=37, MGYY=38, MGZZ=39, EGXX=40

EGYY=41, EGZZ=42, SBKX=43, SBKY=44, SBKZ=45, SONC=46, DMPS=47, ELIM=48

USR1=49, USR2=50, USR3=51, USR4=51, FLUI=53, ORTH=54, CABL=55, RIGI=56

HGLS=57, BVIS=58, QRAT=59, REFT=60, CTEX=61, CTEY=62, CTEZ=63, THSX=64,

THSY=65, THSZ=66, DMPR=67, LSSM=68, BETD=69, ALPD=70, RH =71, DXX =72,

DYY =73, DZZ =74, BETX=75, BETY=76, BETZ=77, CSAT=78, CREF=79, CVH =80,

UMID=81, UVID=82

(see TB command for more information)


Key as to the information needed about material property.

  • DB_SELECTED(1)- return select status:

  • 0 - material prop is undefined.

  • 1 - material prop is selected.

  • DB_NUMDEFINED(12) - number of defined material properties

  • DB_MAXDEFINED(14) - highest material property number defined

  • DB_MAXRECLENG(15) - maximum record length (dp words)

  • 2 - return length (dp words)

  • 3 - return number of temp. values

  • 11 - return void percent (integer)


Name of the variable where the queried value is stored.


Extra arguments to be passed to

int or str

Returned value of mpinqr is based on setting of key.