Mapdl.smat(matrix='', type_='', method='', val1='', val2='', val3='', val4='', **kwargs)

Creates a sparse matrix.

APDL Command: *SMAT


Name used to identify the matrix. Must be specified.


Matrix type:

Double precision real values (default). - Complex double precision values.


Method used to create the matrix:

Copy an existing matrix. - Import the matrix from a file.

val1, val2, val3, val4

Additional input. The meaning of Val1 through Val3 will vary depending on the specified Method. See in your ansys documentation.


Use the *DMAT command to create a dense matrix.

Unlike the *DMAT command, the *SMAT command cannot be used to allocate a sparse matrix.

For more information on the NOD2BCS and USR2BCS mapping vectors, see Degree of Freedom Ordering in the ANSYS Parametric Design Language Guide.

For more information about .FULL file contents, see the HBMAT in the Command Reference.