Array Parameters

These APDL commands are used to operate on parameter arrays (i.e., vectors and matrices).


Many of these commands here have been kept for legacy compatibility.

See the parameters class Parameters for a more pythonic manner for interacting with arrays.

Consider using numpy for working with arrays outside of MAPDL.

Mapdl.mfouri([oper, coeff, mode, isym, ...])

Calculates the coefficients for, or evaluates, a Fourier series.

Mapdl.mfun([parr, func, par1])

Copies or transposes an array parameter matrix.

Mapdl.moper([parr, par1, oper, val1, val2, ...])

Performs matrix operations on array parameter matrices.

Mapdl.mwrite([parr, fname, ext, label, n1, ...])

Writes a matrix to a file in a formatted sequence.

Mapdl.sread([strarray, fname, ext, nchar, ...])

Reads a file into a string array parameter.

Mapdl.toper([parr, par1, oper, par2, fact1, ...])

Operates on table parameters.

Mapdl.vabs([kabsr, kabs1, kabs2, kabs3])

Applies the absolute value function to array parameters.

Mapdl.vcol([ncol1, ncol2])

Specifies the number of columns in matrix operations.


Allows array parameter results to add to existing results.

Mapdl.vfact([factr, fact1, fact2, fact3])

Applies a scale factor to array parameters.

Mapdl.vfun([parr, func, par1, con1, con2, con3])

Performs a function on a single array parameter.

Mapdl.vitrp([parr, part, pari, parj, park])

Forms an array parameter by interpolation of a table.

Mapdl.vlen([nrow, ninc])

Specifies the number of rows to be used in array parameter operations.


Specifies an array parameter as a masking vector.

Mapdl.voper([parr, par1, oper, par2, con1, con2])

Operates on two array parameters.

Mapdl.starvput([parr, entity, entnum, ...])

Restores array parameter values into the ANSYS database.

Mapdl.vscfun([parr, func, par1])

Determines properties of an array parameter.


Lists the current specifications for the array parameters.

Mapdl.vwrite([par1, par2, par3, par4, par5, ...])

Writes data to a file in a formatted sequence.