Radiosity Solver

These AUX12 commands are used to calculate the radiation view factors and to specify the solution parameters for the Radiosity solver method.


Specifies options for Hemicube view factor calculation.

Mapdl.radopt([fluxtol, solver, maxiter, ...])

Specifies Radiosity Solver options.

Mapdl.spcnod([encl, node])

Defines a space node for radiation using the Radiosity method.

Mapdl.spctemp([encl, temp])

Defines a free-space ambient temperature for radiation using the

Mapdl.v2dopt([geom, ndiv, hidopt, nzone])

Specifies 2-D/axisymmetric view factor calculation options.

Mapdl.vfsm([action, encl, opt, maxiter, conv])

Adjusts view factor matrix to satisfy reciprocity and/or row sum properties.

Mapdl.vfopt([opt, filename, ext, dir_, ...])

Specifies options for the view factor file and calculates view factors.

Mapdl.vfquery([srcelem, tarelem])

Queries and prints element Hemicube view factors and average view