Mapdl.cmplot(label='', entity='', keyword='', **kwargs)

Plots the entities contained in a component or assembly.



Name of the component or assembly to be plotted.

(blank) - All selected components and assemblies are plotted (default). If fewer than 11

components are selected, then all are plotted. If more than 11 components are selected, then only the first 11 are plotted.

ALL - All selected components are plotted. If number of selected components is

greater than 11, then the legend showing component names will not be shown.

N - Next set of defined components and assemblies is plotted.

P - Previous set of defined components and assemblies is plotted.

Cname - The specified component or assembly is plotted.

SetNo. - The specified set number is plotted.


If Label is BLANK or ALL, then the following entity types can be specified:

VOLU - Plot the volume components only.

AREA - Plot the area components only.

LINE - Plot the line components only.

KP - Plot the keypoint components only.

ELEM - Plot the element components only.

NODE - Plot the node components only.


For Keyword = ALL, plot the specified component name in the Label field in the context of all entities of the same type. Not valid if Label field is BLANK or ALL.


Components are plotted with their native entities. For assemblies, all native entities for the underlying component types are plotted simultaneously. Although more components can be plotted, the legend displays only 11 at a time. When more than eleven are plotted, the legend is not displayed.

Possible usage:

This command is valid in any processor.