Mapdl.wpcsys(wn='', kcn='', **kwargs)

Defines the working plane location based on a coordinate system.



Window number whose viewing direction will be modified to be normal to the working plane (defaults to 1). If WN is a negative value, the viewing direction will not be modified.


Coordinate system number. KCN may be 0,1,2 or any previously defined local coordinate system number (defaults to the active system).


Defines a working plane location and orientation based on an existing coordinate system. If a Cartesian system is used as the basis (KCN) for the working plane, the working plane will also be Cartesian, in the X-Y plane of the base system. If a cylindrical, spherical, or toroidal base system is used, the working plane will be a polar system in the R-θ plane of the base system.

If working plane tracking has been activated (CSYS,WP or CSYS,4), the updated active coordinate system will be of a similar type, except that a toroidal system will be updated to a cylindrical system. See the Modeling and Meshing Guide for more information on working plane tracking.

This command is valid in any processor.

Some primitive generation commands will not honor R-theta transformations for non-cartesian coordinate systems. Refer to the primitive commands table for more information.