Mapdl.mrep(name='', arg1='', arg2='', arg3='', arg4='', arg5='', arg6='', arg7='', arg8='', arg9='', arg10='', arg11='', arg12='', arg13='', arg14='', arg15='', arg16='', arg17='', arg18='', **kwargs)

Enables you to reissue the graphics command macro “name” during a

APDL Command: /MREP replot or zoom operation.


The name identifying the macro file or macro block on a macro library file. The name can contain up to eight characters maximum and must begin with a letter.

arg1, arg2, arg3, … , arg18

Values to be passed into the file or block.


This command reissues the graphics command macro “name” during a replot operation [/REPLOT] or a zoom [/ZOOM] operation. The ANSYS program passes the command macro arguments to the replot and zoom feature for use by the graphics macro. You should place the s-MREP command at the end of the graphics command macro, following the last graphics command within the macro, to enable the replot or zoom feature.