Mapdl.pcircle(xcentr='', ycentr='', xlrad='', **kwargs)

Creates an annotation circle (GUI).


  • xcentr – Circle X center location (-1.0 < X < 2.0).

  • ycentr – Circle Y center location (-1.0 < Y < 1.0).

  • xlrad – Circle radius length.


Creates an annotation circle to be written directly onto the display at a specified location. This is a command generated by the Graphical User Interface (GUI) and will appear in the log file (Jobname.LOG) if annotation is used. This command is not intended to be typed in directly in an ANSYS session (although it can be included in an input file for batch input or for use with the /INPUT command).

All circles are shown on subsequent displays unless the annotation is turned off or deleted. Use the /LSPEC and the /PSPEC command to set the attributes of the circle.

This command is valid in any processor.