Mapdl.replot(label='', **kwargs)

Automatically reissues the last display command for convenience.



Controls the type of replot.

RESIZE - Issued internally when a graphics window resize occurs (Default).

FAST - Only applicable for 3-D devices that allow a fast redisplay for changes in the

view characteristics only.


Reissues the last display command (NPLOT, EPLOT, KPLOT, PLNSOL, PLVAR, etc.), along with its parameters, for convenience. The current display specifications are used.

When the last display command is invalid in a particular processor, the use of the /REPLOT command is also invalid in that processor. However, if you attempt a /REPLOT and the last display command is invalid in the current processor, ANSYS produces an element display [EPLOT] instead, as long as the last display command was PLNSOL, PLESOL, or PLDISP. ANSYS performs this substitution of /REPLOT with EPLOT for your convenience.

For example, the PLNSOL command, which is used to display solution results as continuous contours, is a valid command in the general postprocessor [/POST1]. If you issue PLNSOL followed by /REPLOT while in the general postprocessor, the /REPLOT command effectively reissues your earlier PLNSOL command, along with its parameters. But if you then exit the general postprocessor, enter the preprocessor [/PREP7], and issue the /REPLOT command again, ANSYS internally issues EPLOT instead. This occurs because PLNSOL is not a valid command in the preprocessor.

When you click on one of the buttons on the Pan, Zoom, Rotate dialog box to manipulate the view of a model, the /REPLOT command is issued internally. Thus, the substitution of /REPLOT with EPLOT as described above may occur not only for the PLNSOL, PLESOL, and PLDISP results display commands, but also for operations that you perform with the Pan, Zoom, Rotate dialog box.

/REPLOT will not show boundary conditions if they are only applied to a solid model and the last display command (for example, EPLOT) displays the finite element model. To show boundary conditions, the following options are available:

Issue /REPLOT after you issue the SBCTRAN command to transfer solid model boundary conditions to the finite element model.

Issue /REPLOT after you issue a solid model display command (for example, VPLOT).

This command is valid in any processor (except as noted above).