Mapdl.sscale(wn='', smult='', **kwargs)

Sets the contour multiplier for topographic displays.


  • wn – Window number (or ALL) to which command applies (defaults to 1).

  • smult – Contour multiplier that factors in results based on the product of the multiplier and the result being plotted. Defaults to 0.0 (no topographic effects).


Use this command to scale values to the geometry when the contours are shown elevated. For section displays [/TYPE], the elevation is performed perpendicular to the section face.

Nonzero contour multipliers factoring in large results (stresses or displacements) can produce very large distortion, causing images to disappear. To bring a distorted image back into view, reduce the contour multiplier value.

Portions of this command are not supported by PowerGraphics [/GRAPHICS,POWER].