Mapdl.anflow(nfram='', delay='', ncycl='', time='', spacing='', size='', length='', **kwargs)

Produces an animated sequence of particle flow in a flowing fluid or a charged particle traveling in an electric or magnetic field.



Number of frames captured (defaults to 5).


Time delay during animation (defaults to 0.1 seconds).


Number of animation cycles (defaults to 5). Non-UI mode only.


Total Trace Time (seconds) (defaults to 0, which is the full flow trace).


Particle spacing in seconds (defaults to 0).


Particle size (defaults to 0, which is a line).


Particle length fraction (defaults to .1).


ANFLOW invokes an ANSYS macro which produces an animation of particle flow in a flowing fluid or charged particle motion in an electric or magnetic field by the last plot action command (i.e., PLTRAC). This command is only operational on graphic display platforms supporting the /SEG command. After executing ANFLOW, you can replay the animated sequence by issuing the ANIM command. This command is functional only in the Postprocessor.

The TIME option lets you set the time interval of forward travel for the trace. The SPACING option is used to define the particle spacing in seconds from adjacent particles in the stream line. The SIZE variable sets the radius of the particle. The LENGTH variable is used to define the particle length fraction. By default, the LENGTH is set to .1, which means the particle occupies 10% of the flow region and the other 90% is a color-code line. The SPACING and LENGTH variables only make sense when the SIZE variable is nonzero (i.e., the particle is bigger than the line).