Mapdl.cyccalc(fileprefix='', fileformat='', **kwargs)#

Calculates results from a cyclic harmonic mode-superposition analysis

APDL Command: CYCCALC using the specifications defined by CYCSPEC.


Each result table (corresponding to each CYCSPEC specification) is written to a file beginning with FilePrefix. If blank (default), the result tables are written to the output file.


If FilePrefix is specified, then use FileFormat to specify the format of the file to be written:

FORM - Formatted file (default)

CSV - Comma-separated value file


CYCCALC loops through the specification given by CYCSPEC and computes the requested outputs. The outputs are given in a table format, with the rows corresponding to each frequency solution from the harmonic analysis, and the columns corresponding to each sector. The table entries are the maximum value of the specified quantity at the specified location in the sector. In addition, columns containing the maximum value at the frequency, the sector in which it occurs, and the node in the sector at which it occurs are output.

If FilePrefix is specified, a file is created for each output table with the name FilePrefix_node_type.ext, where node is the node number or component name, type is the item/component requested, and the file extension .ext is either .txt or .csv, depending on FileFormat.

A SET command must precede the CYCCALC command.

The CYCCALC results are based on the currently active RSYS, SHELL, LAYER, and AVPRIN settings.