Mapdl.detab(elem='', lab='', v1='', v2='', v3='', v4='', v5='', v6='', **kwargs)

Modifies element table results in the database.



Element for which results are to be modified. If ALL, modify all selected elements [ESEL] results. If ELEM = P, graphical picking is enabled and all remaining command fields are ignored (valid only in the GUI). A component name may also be substituted for ELEM.


Label identifying results. Valid labels are as defined with the ETABLE command. Issue ETABLE,STAT to display labels and values.


Value assigned to this element table result in the database. If zero, a zero value will be assigned. If blank, value remains unchanged.

v2, v3, v4, … , v6

Additional values (if any) assigned to consecutive element table columns.


Modifies element table [ETABLE] results in the database. For example, DETAB,35,ABC,1000,2000,1000 assigns 1000, 2000, and 1000 to the first three table columns starting with label ABC for element 35. Use the PRETAB command to list the current results. After deleting a column of data using ETABLE,Lab,ERASE, the remaining columns of data are not shifted to compress the empty slot. Therefore, the user must allocate null (blank) values for V1, V2…V6 for any ETABLE entries which have been deleted by issuing ETABLE,Lab,ERASE. All data are stored in the solution coordinate system but will be displayed in the results coordinate system [RSYS].