Mapdl.exunit(ldtype='', load='', untype='', name='', **kwargs)

Specifies the interface load unit labels to be written to the export

APDL Command: EXUNIT file for ANSYS to CFX transfer.

  • ldtype

    Load type:

    SURF - Surface load.

    VOLU - Volumetric load.

  • load

    Surface loads:

    DISP - Displacement in a static analysis. Mode shape in a modal analysis.

    TIME - Time. The unit for frequency is the inverse of the unit for time.

    MASS - Mass.

    TEMP - Temperature.

    HFLU - Heat flux.

  • untype

    Unit type:

    COMM - Predefined unit

    USER - User-specified unit

  • name

    Commonly used predefined unit name or user-specified unit name.

    SI - International System of units (meter-kilogram-second) (default)

    FT - English System of units (feet-pound-second)


This command only specifies which unit labels are to be written to the file when the EXPROFILE is issued. It does not perform unit conversions.

Distributed ANSYS Restriction: This command is not supported in Distributed ANSYS.