Mapdl.fctyp(oper='', lab='', **kwargs)

Activates or removes failure-criteria types for postprocessing.



Operation key:

ADD - Activate failure-criteria types. This option is the default behavior.

DELE - Remove failure-criteria types.


Valid failure-criteria labels. If ALL, select all available (including user-defined) failure criteria.

EMAX - Maximum strain criterion (default)

SMAX - Maximum stress criterion (default)

TWSI - Tsai-Wu strength index (default)

TWSR - Inverse of Tsai-Wu strength ratio index (default)

HFIB - Hashin fiber failure criterion

HMAT - Hashin matrix failure criterion

PFIB - Puck fiber failure criterion

PMAT - Puck inter-fiber (matrix) failure criterion

L3FB - LaRc03 fiber failure criterion

L3MT - LaRc03 matrix failure criterion

L4FB - LaRc04 fiber failure criterion

L4MT - LaRc04 matrix failure criterion

USR1 through USR9 - User-defined failure criteria


The FCTYP command modifies the list of active failure criteria.

By default, active failure criteria include EMAX, SMAX, TWSI, and TWSR.

The command affects any subsequent postprocessing listing and plotting commands (such as PRESOL, PRNSOL, PLESOL, PLNSOL, and ETABLE).

A single FCTYP command allows up to six failure-criteria labels. If needed, reissue the command to activate or remove additional failure- criteria types.