Mapdl.format(ndigit='', ftype='', nwidth='', dsignf='', line='', char='', **kwargs)

Specifies format controls for tables.


  • ndigit – Number of digits (3 to 32) in first table column (usually the node or element number). Initially defaults to 7.

  • ftype

    FORTRAN format types (initially defaults to G):

    G - Gxx.yy. xx and yy are described below.

    F - Fxx.yy

    E - Exx.yy

  • nwidth – Total width (9 to 32) of the field (the xx in Ftype). Initially defaults to 12.

  • dsignf – Number of digits after the decimal point (yy in F or E format) or number of significant digits in G format. Range is 2 to xx-7 for Ftype = G or E; and 0 to xx-4 for Ftype = F. Initially defaults to 5.

  • line – Number of lines (11 minimum) per page. Defaults to ILINE or BLINE from the /PAGE command.

  • char – Number of characters (41 to 240, system-dependent) per line before wraparound. Defaults to ICHAR or BCHAR from the /PAGE command.


Specifies various format controls for tables printed with the POST1 PRNSOL, PRESOL, PRETAB, PRRSOL, PRPATH, and CYCCALC commands. A blank (or out-of-range) field on the command retains the current setting. Issue /FORMAT,STAT to display the current settings. Issue /FORMAT,DEFA to reestablish the initial default specifications.

For the POST26 PRVAR command, the Ftype, NWIDTH, and DSIGNF fields control the time output format.

This command is valid in any processor.