Mapdl.intsrf(lab='', **kwargs)

Integrates nodal results on an exterior surface.



Label indicating degree of freedom to be integrated:

PRES - Pressure.

TAUW - Wall shear stress.

FLOW - Both pressure and wall shear stress.


Integrates nodal results on a surface. Use node selection (such as the EXT option of the NSEL command) to indicate the surface(s) of element faces to be used in the integration. A surface can be “created” by unselecting elements (such as unselecting non-fluid elements that are adjacent to fluid elements for the postprocessing of fluid flow result). Element faces attached to the selected nodes will be automatically determined. All nodes on a face must be selected for the face to be used. The integration results will cancel for nodes on common faces of adjacent selected elements.

Integration results are in the active coordinate system (see the RSYS command). The type of results coordinate system must match the type used in the analysis. However, you may translate and rotate forces and moments as needed. Use the *GET command (Utility Menu> Parameters> Get Scalar Data) to retrieve the results.