Mapdl.paget(parray='', popt='', **kwargs)

Writes current path information into an array variable.


  • parray – The name of the array parameter that the ANSYS program creates to store the path information. If the array parameter already exists, it will be replaced with the current path information.

  • popt

    Determines how data will be stored in the parameter specified with PARRAY:

    POINTS - Store the path points, the nodes (if any), and coordinate system. (For

    information on defining paths and path points, see the descriptions of the PATH and PPATH commands.)

    TABLE - Store the path data items. (See the PDEF command description for path data


    LABEL - Stores path data labels.


Use the PAGET command together with the PAPUT command to store and retrieve path data in array variables for archiving purposes. When retrieving path information, restore the path points (POINTS option) first, then the path data (TABLE option), and then the path labels (LABEL option).