Mapdl.plls(labi='', labj='', fact='', kund='', viewup='', **kwargs)

Displays element table items as contoured areas along elements.

APDL Command: PLLS


Label of element table item (ETABLE) for node I magnitude.


Label of element table item for node J magnitude.


Scale factor for display (defaults to 1). A negative scaling factor may be used to invert the display.


Undisplaced shape key:

0 - Display selected items on undeformed shape.

1 - Display selected items on deformed shape.


View Up key:

0 - Ignore the view-up (/VUP) vector when calculating trapezoid orientation


1 - Use the view-up (/VUP) vector to calculate trapezoid orientation.


Displays selected items (such as shears and moments) as a contoured area (trapezoid) display along line elements and 2-D axisymmetric shell elements (such as shear and moment diagrams). Three sides of the trapezoid are formed by the element (one side) and lines at nodes I and J of length proportional to the item magnitude and displayed normal to the element and the viewing direction (the two parallel sides).

When ViewUP = 1, the trapezoid is oriented within the plane created by the element and the global Cartesian coordinate system reference orientation (/VUP or view up) vector. In this case, the program does not perform the calculation involving the element and view direction.

Portions of this command are not supported by PowerGraphics [/GRAPHICS,POWER].