Mapdl.plpagm(item='', gscale='', nopt='', **kwargs)

Displays path items along the path geometry.


  • item – The path data item to be displayed on the currently active path (defined by the PATH command). Valid path items are those defined with the PDEF or PLNEAR commands.

  • gscale – Scale factor for the offset from the path for the path data item displays. Defaults to 1.0.

  • nopt

    Determines how data is displayed:

    (blank) - Do not display nodes, and scale the display based on the currently selected

    node set (default).

    NODE - Display path item data along with the currently selected set of nodes. The

    display geometry is scaled to the selected node set.


You can use the Gscale argument to scale the contour display offset from the path for clarity. You need to type all six characters to issue this command.