Mapdl.prenergy(energytype='', cname1='', cname2='', cname3='', cname4='', cname5='', cname6='', **kwargs)

Prints the total energies of a model or the energies of the specified

APDL Command: PRENERGY components.


Type of energies to be printed:

ALL - All energies are printed: potential, kinetic, artificial hourglass/drill

stiffness, contact stabilization energy, and artificial stabilization energy when applicable. This is the default.

SENE - Potential energy.

KENE - Kinetic energy.

cname1, cname2, cname3,…

Component names for energies of the components printout.


The PRENERGY command prints out either the total energies of the entire model or the energies of the components depending on the Cname1 specification.

Only existing components based on elements (defined with the CM command) are supported when component energies are listed.

This command applies to structural elements only.