Mapdl.sexp(labr='', lab1='', lab2='', exp1='', exp2='', **kwargs)

Forms an element table item by exponentiating and multiplying.

APDL Command: SEXP

  • labr – Label assigned to results. If same as existing label, the existing values will be overwritten by these results.

  • lab1 – First labeled result item in operation.

  • lab2 – Second labeled result item in operation (may be blank).

  • exp1 – Exponent applied to Lab1.

  • exp2 – Exponent applied to Lab2.


Forms a labeled result item (see ETABLE command) for the selected elements by exponentiating and multiplying two existing labeled result items according to the operation:

LabR = (|Lab1|EXP1) x (|Lab2|EXP2)

Roots, reciprocals, and divides may also be done with this command.