Mapdl.sucr(surfname='', surftype='', nrefine='', radius='', tolout='', **kwargs)

Create a surface.

APDL Command: SUCR


Eight character surface name.


Surface type.

CPLANE - Surface is defined by the cutting plane in window one (controlled by the

working plane (/CPLANE,1), NOT the view settings (/CPLANE,0)).

SPHERE - Surface is defined by a spherical surface centered about the working plane


INFC - Surface is defined by a cylindrical surface centered about the working plane

origin and extending indefinitely in the positive and negative Z directions.


Refinement level.

For SurfType = CPLANE - The refinement level of the surface “mesh”. This will be an integer between 0

and 3 (default = 0). See Notes below.

For SurfType = SPHERE - The number of divisions along a 90° arc (minimum = 9). The default is 9.

For SurfType = INFC - The number of divisions along a 90° arc (minimum = 9). The default is 9.


Appropriate radius value (for INFC or SPHERE).


Tolerance value for inclusion of element facets within a prescribed volume. (for INFC)


This command creates a new surface and stores the following data for that surface:

For SurfType = CPLANE, nRefine refers to the number of points that define the surface. An nRefine value of zero is used for points where the element face intersects the cutting plane.

If SurfType = CPLANE and nRefine = 0, the points reside at the section cuts where the element intersects the cutting plane. Increasing nRefine from 0 to 1 will subdivide each surface facet into 4 subfacets, and increase the number of points at which results can be interpolated.

For SurfType = CPLANE , the setting from the /EFACET command will affect the creation of surface facets and the quality of the fit of the surface in the model. SUCR employs geometry data from PowerGraphics to aid in determining where the surface intersects the model. If /EFACET,1 is in effect when the SUCR command is issued, then the curvature of high order elements (that is, elements with midside nodes) will be ignored. If your model contains high order elements, you can see a better fit for your surface if /EFACET,2 is in effect when the SUCR command is issued. Currently, the SUCR command interprets /EFACET,4 to mean /EFACET,2.

For SurfType = INFC, a default tolerance of 0.01 will be applied to include the vertices of any facets that fall out of the cylinder definition. This tolerance increases the facet size by one percent to check for inclusion. Excluding facets under such a small tolerance may yield unacceptable (aesthetically) results. Increasing the tolerance by a larger amount (0.1 or 10%) will sometimes yield smother edges along the surface you create.