Mapdl.sueval(parm='', lab1='', oper='', **kwargs)

Perform operations on a mapped item and store result in a scalar

APDL Command: SUEVAL parameter.

  • parm – APDL parameter name.

  • lab1 – Eight character set name for the first set used in calculation.

  • oper

    Operation to perform:

    SUM - Sum of lab1 result values.

    INTG - Integral of lab1 over surface.

    AVG - Area-weighted average of a result item [Σ(lab1*DA) / Σ(DA)]


The result of this operation is a scalar APDL parameter value. If multiple surfaces are selected when this command is issued, then the operation is carried out on each surface individually and the parameter represents the cumulative value of the operation on all selected surfaces.