Mapdl.amap(area='', kp1='', kp2='', kp3='', kp4='', **kwargs)

Generates a 2-D mapped mesh based on specified area corners.

APDL Command: AMAP


Area number of area to be meshed. If AREA = P, graphical picking is enabled and all remaining arguments are ignored (valid only in the GUI).

kp1, kp2, kp3, kp4

Keypoints defining corners of the mapped mesh. Three or four corners may be specified, and may be input in any order.


Only one area at a time can be meshed with this command. The program internally concatenates all lines between the specified keypoints, then meshes the area with all quadrilateral elements. If line divisions are set, the mesh will follow the rules for mapped meshing (see Meshing Your Solid Model in the Modeling and Meshing Guide).

If the area being meshed has concatenated lines, the program will ask if those concatenations should be removed (in batch, the concatenations will automatically be removed). Nodes required for the generated elements are created and assigned the lowest available node numbers. If a mapped mesh is not possible due to mismatched line divisions or poor element shapes, the meshing operation is aborted.