Mapdl.boptn(lab='', value='', **kwargs)

Specifies Boolean operation options.


  • lab

    Default/status key:

    DEFA - Resets settings to default values.

    STAT - Lists status of present settings.

  • value

    Option settings if Lab = KEEP:

    NO - Delete entities used as input with a Boolean operation (default). Entities

    will not be deleted if meshed or if attached to a higher entity.

    YES - Keep input solid modeling entities.


Boolean operations at Revision 5.2 may produce a different number of entities than previous revisions of ANSYS. When running input files created at earlier revisions of ANSYS, match the Boolean compatibility option (VERSION) to the revision originally used. For instance, if you are running Revision 5.2 and are reading an input file (/INPUT) created at Revision 5.1, it is recommended that you set VERSION to RV51 before reading the input.

See the Modeling and Meshing Guide for further details on the functions of the RV51 and RV52 labels.

This command is valid in any processor.