center'', node1='', node2='', node3='', radius='', **kwargs)

Defines a node at the center of curvature of 2 or 3 nodes.



Number to be assigned to the node generated at the center of curvature.

node1, node2, node3

Three nodes used to calculated the center of curvature, as described under RADIUS.


Used to control the interpretation of NODE1, NODE2 and NODE3:

0 - NODE1, NODE2 and NODE3 lie on a circular arc. The program will calculate the

center of curvature (and radius) (default).

≠0 - NODE1 and NODE2 are the endpoints of an arc, and RADIUS is the radius of

curvature. The program will locate the center of curvature on the NODE3 side of the NODE1-NODE2 line if RADIUS > 0, and opposite to NODE3 if RADIUS < 0.