Mapdl.cyl4(xcenter='', ycenter='', rad1='', theta1='', rad2='', theta2='', depth='', **kwargs)

Creates a circular area or cylindrical volume anywhere on the working plane.

APDL Command: CYL4

Defines a circular area anywhere on the working plane or a cylindrical volume with one face anywhere on the working plane. For a solid cylinder of 360 degrees, the top and bottom faces will be circular (each area defined with four lines) and they will be connected with two surface areas (each spanning 180 degrees). See the CYL5, PCIRC, and CYLIND commands for alternate ways to create circles and cylinders.

When working with a model imported from an IGES file (DEFAULT import option), you must provide a value for DEPTH or the command will be ignored.

xcenter, ycenter

Working plane X and Y coordinates of the center of the circle or cylinder.

rad1, rad2

Inner and outer radii (either order) of the circle or cylinder. A value of zero or blank for either RAD1 or RAD2, or the same value for both RAD1 and RAD2, defines a solid circle or cylinder.

theta1, theta2

Starting and ending angles (either order) of the circle or faces of the cylinder. Used for creating a partial annulus or partial cylinder. The sector begins at the algebraically smaller angle, extends in a positive angular direction, and ends at the larger angle. The starting angle defaults to 0 degrees and the ending angle defaults to 360 degrees. See the Modeling and Meshing Guide for an illustration.


The perpendicular distance (either positive or negative based on the working plane Z direction) from the working plane representing the depth of the cylinder. If DEPTH = 0 (default), a circular area is created on the working plane.


Volume or area number of the block or rectangle.


Create a half arc centered at the origin with an outer radius of 2 and an inner radius of 1

>>> anum = mapdl.cyl4(xcenter=0, ycenter=0, rad1=1,
                      theta1=0, rad2=2, theta2=180)
>>> anum

Create a solid cylinder with a depth of 10 at the center of the working plane.

>>> vnum = mapdl.cyl4(0, 0, 1, depth=10)
>>> vnum

Create a cylinder with an inner radius of 1.9 and an outer of 2.0 with a height of 5 centered at the working plane.

>>> vnum = mapdl.cyl4(0, 0, rad1=1.9, rad2=2.0, depth=10)
Return type