Generates reinforcing elements from selected existing (base) elements.



The EREINF command generates reinforcing elements (REINF264 and REINF265) directly from selected base elements (that is, existing standard elements in your model). The command scans all selected base elements and generates (if necessary) a compatible reinforcing element type for each base element. (ANSYS allows a combination of different base element types.)

Although predefining the reinforcing element type (ET) is not required, you must define the reinforcing element section type (SECTYPE); otherwise, ANSYS cannot generate the reinforcing element.

The EREINF command does not create new nodes. The reinforcing elements and the base elements share the common nodes.

Elements generated by this command are not associated with the solid model.

After the EREINF command executes, you can issue ETLIST, ELIST, and EPLOT commands to verify the newly created reinforcing element types and elements.

Reinforcing elements do not account for any subsequent modifications made to the base elements. ANSYS, Inc. recommends issuing the EREINF command only after the base elements are finalized. If you delete or modify base elements (via EDELE, EMODIF, ETCHG, EMID, EORIENT, NUMMRG, or NUMCMP commands, for example), remove all affected reinforcing elements and reissue the EREINF command to avoid inconsistencies.

Return type