Calculates and prints geometry items.

APDL Command: GSUM


Calculates and prints geometry items (centroid location, moments of inertia, length, area, volume etc.) associated with the selected keypoints, lines, areas, and volumes. Geometry items are reported in the global Cartesian coordinate system. For volumes, a unit density is assumed unless the volumes have a material association via the VATT command. For areas, a unit density (and thickness) is assumed unless the areas have a material (and real constant) association via the AATT command. For lines and keypoints, a unit density is assumed, irrespective of any material associations [LATT, KATT, MAT]. Items calculated by GSUM and later retrieved by a *GET or *VGET commands are valid only if the model is not modified after the GSUM command is issued. This command combines the functions of the KSUM, LSUM, ASUM, and VSUM commands.