Mapdl.mfimport(fnumb='', option='', fname='', ext='', **kwargs)

Imports a new field into a current ANSYS Multi-field solver analysis.



Field number specified by the MFELEM command.


Selects data to read.

DB - Reads a CDB file. The CDB file name and extension are specified by Fname and



File name and directory path (248 characters maximum, including the characters needed for the directory path). An unspecified directory path defaults to the working directory; in this case, you can use all 248 characters for the file name.


Filename extension (eight-character maximum).


The field to be imported should be written to a CDB file (CDWRITE command). This file is read into the database, offsetting all existing element type numbers, node numbers, etc. in order to accommodate the imported field. (See the NUMOFF command for information on offset capabilities.) It then updates all of the previously issued MFxx commands to the new element type numbers. A new field is created using the specified field number, which must not currently exist. If there are no ANSYS Multi-field solver command files written for the existing fields in the database, one will be written for each field with the default name (see the MFCMMAND command). A MFCMMAND will be issued for the imported field as well.

Repeat the MFIMPORT command to import additional fields.

See Multi-field Commands in the Coupled-Field Analysis Guide for a list of all ANSYS Multi-field solver commands and their availability for MFS and MFX analyses.

Distributed ANSYS Restriction: This command is not supported in Distributed ANSYS.