Mapdl.mpdata(lab='', mat='', sloc='', c1='', c2='', c3='', c4='', c5='', c6='', **kwargs)#


Defines property data to be associated with the temperature table.


Valid property label. Applicable labels are listed under “Material Properties” in the input table for each element type in the Element Reference. See Linear Material Properties in the Mechanical APDL Material Reference for more complete property label definitions:

ALPD - Mass matrix multiplier for damping.

ALPX - Secant coefficients of thermal expansion (also ALPY, ALPZ). (See also MPAMOD

command for adjustment to reference temperature).

BETD - Stiffness matrix multiplier for damping.

BETX - Coefficient of diffusion expansion (also BETY, BETZ)

C - Specific heat.

CREF - Reference concentration (may not be temperature dependent)

CSAT - Saturated concentration

CTEX - Instantaneous coefficients of thermal expansion (also CTEY, CTEZ).

DENS - Mass density.

DMPR - Constant material damping coefficient.

DXX - Diffusivity coefficients (also DYY, DZZ)

EMIS - Emissivity.

ENTH - Enthalpy.

EX - Elastic moduli (also EY, EZ).

GXY - Shear moduli (also GYZ, GXZ).

HF - Convection or film coefficient.

KXX - Thermal conductivities (also KYY, KZZ).

LSST - Dielectric loss tangent.

MGXX - Magnetic coercive forces (also MGYY, MGZZ).

MU - Coefficient of friction.

MURX - Magnetic relative permeabilities (also MURY, MURZ).

NUXY - Minor Poisson’s ratios (also NUYZ, NUXZ).

PERX - Electric relative permittivities (also PERY, PERZ).

PRXY - Major Poisson’s ratios (also PRYZ, PRXZ).

QRATE - Heat generation rate.

REFT - Reference temperature (may not be temperature dependent).

RH - Hall Coefficient.

RSVX - Electrical resistivities (also RSVY, RSVZ).

SBKX - Seebeck coefficients (also SBKY, SBKZ).

SONC - Sonic velocity.

THSX - Thermal strain (also THSY, THSZ).

VISC - Viscosity.


Material reference number to be associated with the elements (defaults to 1 if you specify zero or no material number).


Starting location in table for generating data. For example, if SLOC = 1, data input in the C1 field is the first constant in the table. If SLOC = 7, data input in the C1 field is the seventh constant in the table, etc. Defaults to the last location filled + 1.

c1, c2, c3, … , c6

Property data values assigned to six locations starting with SLOC. If a value is already in this location, it is redefined. A blank (or zero) value for C1 resets the previous value in SLOC to zero. A value of zero can only be assigned by C1. Blank (or zero) values for C2 to C6 leave the corresponding previous values unchanged.


Defines a table of property data to be associated with the temperature table. Repeat MPDATA command for additional values (100 maximum). Temperatures must be defined first [MPTEMP]. Also stores assembled property function table (temperature and data) in virtual space.

This command is also valid in SOLUTION.

Without Emag enabled, the MURx and MGxx properties are not allowed. In ANSYS Professional, all structural and thermal properties are allowed except ALPD, BETD, and MU. In ANSYS Emag, only the RSVx, PERx, MURx, and MGxx properties are allowed. Only products that include ANSYS Emag can use the LSST property. The SBKx property is only available in ANSYS Multiphysics and ANSYS PrepPost.