Mapdl.numcmp(label='', **kwargs)

Compresses the numbering of defined items.



Items to be compressed:

NODE - Node numbers

ELEM - Element numbers

KP - Keypoint numbers

LINE - Line numbers

AREA - Area numbers

VOLU - Volume numbers

MAT - Material numbers

TYPE - Element type numbers

REAL - Real constant numbers

CP - Coupled set numbers

SECN - Section numbers

CE - Constraint equation numbers

ALL - All item numbers


The NUMCMP command effectively compresses out unused item numbers by renumbering all the items, beginning with one and continuing throughout the model. The renumbering order follows the initial item numbering order (that is, compression lowers the maximum number by “sliding” numbers down to take advantage of unused or skipped numbers). All defined items are renumbered, regardless of whether or not they are actually used or selected. Applicable related items are also checked for renumbering as described for the merge operation (NUMMRG).

Compressing material numbers (NUMCMP,ALL or NUMCMP,MAT) does not update the material number referenced by either of the following:

A temperature-dependent convection or surface-to-surface radiation load (SF, SFE, SFL, SFA)

Real constants for multi-material elements (such as SOLID65)

Compression is usually not required unless memory space is limited and there are large gaps in the numbering sequence.