Mapdl.numoff(label='', value='', **kwargs)

Adds a number offset to defined items.


  • label

    Apply offset number to one of the following sets of items:

    NODE - Nodes

    ELEM - Elements

    KP - Keypoints

    LINE - Lines

    AREA - Areas

    VOLU - Volumes

    MAT - Materials

    TYPE - Element types

    REAL - Real constants

    CP - Coupled sets

    SECN - Section numbers

    CE - Constraint equations

    CSYS - Coordinate systems

  • value – Offset number value (cannot be negative).


Useful for offsetting current model data to prevent overlap if another model is read in. CDWRITE automatically writes the appropriate NUMOFF commands followed by the model data to File.CDB. Therefore, when the file is read, any model already existing in the database is offset before the model data on the file is read.

Offsetting material numbers with this command [NUMOFF,MAT] does not update the material number referenced by either of the following:

A temperature-dependent convection or surface-to-surface radiation load [SF, SFE, SFL, SFA]

Real constants for multi-material elements (such as SOLID65).

Therefore, a mismatch may exist between the material definitions and the material numbers referenced.