Mapdl.rmore(r7='', r8='', r9='', r10='', r11='', r12='', **kwargs)


Adds real constants to a set.

r7, r8, r9, … , r12

Add real constants 7 to 12 (numerical values or table names) to the most recently defined set.


Adds six more real constants to the most recently defined set. Repeat the RMORE command for constants 13 to 18, again for 19-24, etc.

If using table inputs (SURF151, SURF152, FLUID116, CONTA171, CONTA172, CONTA173, CONTA174, and CONTA175 only), enclose the table name in % signs (e.g., %tabname%).

When copying real constants to new sets, ANSYS, Inc. recommends that you use the command input. If you do use the GUI, restrict the real constant copy to only the first six real constants (real constants seven and greater will be incorrect for both the master and copy set).

This command is also valid in SOLUTION.