Mapdl.splot(na1='', na2='', ninc='', mesh='', **kwargs)

Displays the selected areas and a faceted view of their underlying

APDL Command: SPLOT surfaces

  • na1 – Starting area for display of areas and underlying surfaces. If NA1 = ALL (default), NA2 and NINC are ignored and all selected areas are displayed (ASEL command).

  • na2 – Last area to be displayed.

  • ninc – Numeric value setting steps between NA1 and NA2 for display. Default value is (1).

  • mesh – Specifies a rectangular mesh density used to display the underlying surface (default 4, i.e. 4 x 4).


This command is valid in any processor. The plot output displays the external and internal trim curves and underlying surface. You cannot obtain a faceted view of your surface areas when you are using the /EXPAND command to create larger graphics displays.

Use APLOT for trimmed surface display.