Mapdl.tb(lab='', mat='', ntemp='', npts='', tbopt='', eosopt='', funcname='', **kwargs)

APDL Command: TB

Activates a data table for material properties or special element input.


Material model data table type:

AFDM - Acoustic frequency-dependent material.

AHYPER - Anisotropic hyperelasticity.

ANEL - Anisotropic elasticity.

ANISO - Anisotropic plasticity.

BB - Bergstrom-Boyce.

BH - Magnetic field data.

BISO - Bilinear isotropic hardening using von Mises or Hill plasticity.

BKIN - Bilinear kinematic hardening using von Mises or Hill plasticity.

CAST - Cast iron.

CDM - Mullins effect (for isotropic hyperelasticity models).

CGCR - Fracture criterion for crack-growth simulation (CGROW).

CHABOCHE - Chaboche nonlinear kinematic hardening using von Mises or Hill plasticity.

COMP - Composite damage (explicit dynamic analysis).

CONCR - Concrete element data.

CREEP - Creep. Pure creep, creep with isotropic hardening plasticity, or creep with

kinematic hardening plasticity using both von Mises or Hill potentials.

CTE - Secant coefficient of thermal expansion.

CZM - Cohesive zone.

DISCRETE - Explicit spring-damper (discrete).

DMGE - Damage evolution law.

DMGI - Damage initiation criteria.

DP - Classic Drucker-Prager plasticity.

DPER - Anisotropic electric permittivity.

EDP - Extended Drucker-Prager (for granular materials such as rock, concrete, soil,

ceramics and other pressure-dependent materials).

ELASTIC - Elasticity. For full harmonic analyses, properties can be defined as frequency-

or temperature-dependent (TBFIELD).

EOS - Equation of state (explicit dynamic analysis).

EVISC - Viscoelastic element data (explicit dynamic analysis).

EXPE - Experimental data.

FCON - Fluid conductance data (explicit dynamic analysis).

FCLI - Material strength limits for calculating failure criteria.

FLUID - Fluid.

FOAM - Foam (explicit dynamic analysis).

FRIC - Coefficient of friction based on Coulomb’s Law or user-defined friction.

GASKET - Gasket.

GCAP - Geological cap (explicit dynamic analysis).

GURSON - Gurson pressure-dependent plasticity for porous metals.

HFLM - Film coefficient data.

HILL - Hill anisotropy. When combined with other material options, simulates

plasticity, viscoplasticity, and creep – all with the Hill potential.

HONEY - Honeycomb (explicit dynamic analysis).

HYPER - Hyperelasticity material models (Arruda-Boyce, Blatz-Ko, Extended Tube, Gent,

Mooney-Rivlin [default], Neo-Hookean, Ogden, Ogden Foam, Polynomial Form, Response Function, Yeoh, and user- defined).