Mapdl.tbplot(lab='', mat='', tbopt='', temp='', segn='', **kwargs)


Displays the material data table.

  • lab – Data table label. Valid labels are: MKIN, KINH, MELAS, MISO, BKIN, BISO, BH, GASKET, and JOIN. Defaults to the active table label. For B-H data, also valid are: NB to display NU-B2, MH to display MU vs. H, and SBH, SNB, SMH to display the slopes of the corresponding data.

  • mat – Material number to be displayed (defaults to the active material).

  • tbopt

    Gasket material or joint element material option to be plotted.

    ALL - Plots all gasket data.

    COMP - Plots gasket compression data only.

    LUNL - Plots gasket linear unloading data with compression curve.

    NUNL - Plots gasket nonlinear unloading data only.

  • temp – Specific temperature at which gasket data or joint element material data will be plotted (used only when Lab = GASKET or JOIN). Use TEMP = ALL to plot gasket data or joint element material data at all temperatures.

  • segn

    Segment number of plotted curve (valid only when Lab = GASKET):

    NO - Segment number is not added to plotted curve (default).

    YES - Segment number is added to plotted curve. This option is ignored if the number

    of data points in a curve exceeds 20.


Only data for stress-strain, B-H, gasket curves, or joint element nonlinear material model curves can be displayed.

The TBOPT and TEMP values are valid only when Lab = GASKET or JOIN.

The SEGN value is valid only when Lab = GASKET.

This command is valid in any processor.