Mapdl.rmndisp(loadt='', loc='', **kwargs)

Extracts neutral plane displacements from a test load or element load

APDL Command: RMNDISP solution for the ROM method.

  • loadt – Load type. Load type must be an alphanumeric string enclosed in single quotes. Valid load types are ‘TLOAD’ for the test load and ‘ELOAD’ for the element load.

  • loc – Determines whether file will be overwritten or appended. Valid labels are ‘WRITE’ or ‘APPEND’. Defaults to ‘WRITE’ for test load.


This command extracts the displacements at a neutral plane of a model. If LoadT = ‘TLOAD’, extract displacements for a test load on a structure that represents the expected deflection state. A test load is used to assist in the automatic mode selection for the ROM mode characterization. If LoadT = ‘ELOAD’, extract the neutral plane displacements for an element load that will be used in the use pass of a ROM analysis. Typical element loads are gravity, and pressure loading. The element loads may be scaled [RMLVSCALE] during the use pass.

The command requires a node component named “NEUN” to be defined. These nodes represent the nodes at the neutral plane of a structure (in the case of a stress-stiffened structure), or at any plane in the structure (non stress-stiffened case).

For LoadT = ‘TLOAD’, node displacements are written to the file jobname.tld. For LoadT = ‘ELOAD’, node displacements are written to the file jobname.eld. Up to 5 element load cases may be written to the file jobname.eld.

This command is only valid in POST1.

Distributed ANSYS Restriction: This command is not supported in Distributed ANSYS.