Mapdl.input(fname, verbose=False, progress_bar=False, time_step_stream=None, chunk_size=512, orig_cmd='/INP', **kwargs)#

Stream a local input file to a remote mapdl instance. Stream the response back and deserialize the output.


MAPDL input file to stream to the MAPDL grpc server.


Time to wait between streaming updates to send back chunks from the listener file. Larger values mean more data per chunk and less chunks, but if the command is short, will wait until time_step_stream is finished leading to a long execution time.

Due to stability issues, the default time_step_stream is dependent on verbosity. The defaults are:

  • verbose=True: time_step_stream=500

  • verbose=False: time_step_stream=50

These defaults will be ignored if time_step_stream is manually set.


Original command. There are some cases, were input is used to send the file to the grpc server but then we want to run something different than /INPUT, for example CDREAD.


Response from MAPDL.


Load a simple "ds.dat" input file generated from Ansys Workbench.

>>> output = mapdl.input('ds.dat')

Load that same file while streaming the output in real-time.

>>> output = mapdl.input('ds.dat', verbose=True)