Mapdl.nerr(nmerr='', nmabt='', abort='', ifkey='', num='', **kwargs)

Limits the number of warning and error messages displayed.

APDL Command: /NERR


Maximum number of warning and error messages displayed per command. Defaults to 5 for interactive runs with the GUI turned on, 20 for interactive runs with the GUI turned off, 200 for batch runs. If NMERR is negative, the absolute value of NMERR is used as the maximum number of warning and error messages written to the error file (file.ERR) per command, as well as the maximum number of messages displayed per command.


Maximum number of warning and error messages allowed per command before run aborts (must be greater than zero). Maximum value is 99,999,999. Defaults to 10,000.


Abort level key. Set to 0 for default abort behavior, -1 to never abort, and -2 to abort after nmabt errors. Altering the abort level key is not recommended, but can be helpful for avoiding an abort within /BATCH mode but using pyansys interactively.


Specifies whether or not to abort if an error occurs during a /INPUT operation:

0 or OFF - Do not abort. This option is the default.

1 or ON - Abort.


The number of invalid command warnings before a stop warning will be issued:

0 - Disables the stop warning/error function.

n - An integer value representing the number of warnings that will be encountered

before prompting the user to stop (default = 5). The first error encountered will ALWAYS result in a prompt.


Limits the number of warning and error messages displayed for any one command in an interactive run.

Warning and error messages continue to be written to Jobname.ERR regardless of these limits (unless NMERR is negative).

Issue this command with NUM = n to specify the number of “invalid command” warnings to be encountered before the user is prompted to stop. You can then continue or abort the run. If you choose to abort the run, the log file can be saved so that any of the processing up to that point can be appended to an input that rectifies the condition. A batch run always aborts on the first error. Issue /NERR,STAT to list current settings.

Issue /NERR,DEFA to reset values to initial defaults.

An IFKEY value of 1 or ON causes the ANSYS program to abort immediately upon encountering an error during a file /INPUT operation. However, use of this option may cause the following conditions to occur:

The /INPUT command may abort if issued for a log file (jobname.log).

Some macros may abort.

A CAD connection may fail after reading only a small portion of a CAD model.

The command is valid in any processor.