Mapdl.aremesh(lcomb='', angle='', **kwargs)

Generates an area in which to create a new mesh for rezoning.


  • lcomb

    Specifies how to combine adjacent line segments:

    0 - Line segments combined by connecting ends to ends. This value is the default.

    -1 - No line segments combined.

  • angle – The maximum angle (in degrees) allowed for connecting two line segments together. The default value is 30. This value is valid only when LCOMB = 0.


Issue the AREMESH command after issuing a REMESH,START command and before issuing a REMESH,FINISH command.

The AREMESH command cannot account for an open area (or “hole”) inside a completely enclosed region. Instead, try meshing around an open area by selecting two adjoining regions; for more information, see Hints for Remeshing Multiple Regions .