Mapdl.bflist(node='', lab='', **kwargs)

Lists the body force loads on nodes.



Node at which body load is to be listed. If ALL (or blank), list for all selected nodes [NSEL]. If NODE = P, graphical picking is enabled and all remaining command fields are ignored (valid only in the GUI). A component name may also be substituted for NODE.


Valid body load label. If ALL (or blank), use all appropriate labels. See the BF command for labels. In an explicit dynamic analysis, the only valid body load label is TEMP.


Lists the body force loads for the specified node and label. Nodal body loads may be defined with the BF command (except in an explicit dynamic analysis).

The command BFLIST,TEMP can be used in an explicit dynamic analysis to list temperature loads that are read in by the LDREAD command. BFLIST cannot be used to list temperature loads defined by the EDLOAD command (use EDLOAD,LIST to list this type of load).

This command is valid in any processor.