Mapdl.cgrow(action='', par1='', par2='', **kwargs)

Defines crack-growth information



Specifies the action for defining or manipulating crack-growth data:

NEW - Initiate a new set of crack-growth simulation data (default).

CID - Specify the crack-calculation (CINT) ID for energy-release rates to be used in

the fracture criterion calculation.

FCOPTION - Specify the fracture criterion for crack-growth/delamination.

CPATH - Specify the element component for crack growth.

DTIME - Specify the initial time step for crack growth.

DTMIN - Specify the minimum time step for crack growth.

DTMAX - Specify the maximum time step for crack growth.

FCRAT - Fracture criterion ratio (fc).

STOP - Stops the analysis when the specified maximum crack extension is reached.

METHOD - Define the method of crack propagation.


When Action = NEW, the CGROW command initializes a crack-growth simulation set. Subsequent CGROW commands define the parameters necessary for the simulation.

For multiple cracks, issue multiple CGROW,NEW commands (and any subsequent CGROW commands necessary to define the parameters) for each crack.

If the analysis is restarted (ANTYPE,,RESTART), the CGROW command must be re-issued.

For additional details on this command, see